Thursday, February 12, 2009

Banger of the week: Alexis Phifer

You might all know her as former girlfriend of Kanye west but Alexis Phifer is so much more than that she is a model and has a fabulous fashion line name GHITA. She's my banger of the week!!!

Wtf happen to you????

Oh my god guys guess who was spotted in a park in ATL early this week former member of Kryss Cross. He was caught by a blog reader and was kind enough to take some photos awwwh how sweet. When ask whats he been up to he says he working on some projects with JD and he has his own record label called C.o records( who???) oh yeah please don't laugh at he missing hair because has Alopecia Areat which causes hair lost....... Damn homie

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


So now the word is that breezy really did a number on Ri Ri face. A witness that saw her while she was in the hospital says that Ri Ri had a busted lip, bruised face and nots on her forehead also she was yelling and screaming trying to get her point across.

Wow I just hope this doesn't ruin his image and career because he a talented lil dude. But I mean what entertainer isn't in the news for wrong doing its all the same shit!!! I'm kinda tired of hearing about it!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

V-DAY wish list!!!!!

Juicy Couture Pearl Heart Necklace & Jewelry Box $78

Hugo Boss Boxers $24

Diesel Men's Gift Set $65

Tory Burch Sandal $195

L V Bag $2,030
So for some reason this year guys are making a big deal about Valentines gifts and if I recall I thought that this was for us. But maybe times have change guess they want nice gifts too. So here are some ideas for her and him.I'm looking forward to that nice shinny red Bag and if I don't get I'm going to act like a complete 3 year old. Seriously!!!!!

Who the hell is your stylist????

O.M.G Some of the assumbles yestersday were just ugly. What you think????


Here a pic of Brezzy turning himself in I would have had footage but I am at work!!!

Say it aint so....

I am sure you have all heard about Rihanna an Chris Brown lil puppy loving fight yesterday morning. Reportly yesterday about 12:30 pm a unidentified women called 911 saying that she had been attacked by a man who she identified as Chris Brown. When police arrive to the scene there was a bruise women but no attacker.Both Rihanna and Chris Brown were no-shows at the 51st Grammy Awards last night. Rumors are that supposedly they got into a argument about Ri Ri given Chris Brown herpes while riding in the car together. As of this morning Breezy has turn himself in to the LAPD.

Awwwh there so cute but herpes yuck I hope that is indeed a rumor!!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pyramid to Happiness....

If your just lost in the world like me and need a little help finding yourself and life check out the Pyramid to Happiness and if you follow it I'm sure you figure some way to get your life on track. Only thing is I see nothing about partying like there's no tomorrow so I decided to add it.

Mommy Kimora

With all the rumors about celebs couples expecting only one I can say is actually true here is my fav diva Kimora with baby daddy #2 .