Monday, September 29, 2008


Not going to get into this to much I am still a lil hurt from last night... let the pic speak for itself.

Miss B.A.D of the week!!!

Ri Ri is so the definition of BAD she has been killing the fashion scene with he looks and style. Never a time I saw a pic and I question her fits well maybe trying to figure out were she got a piece from but never a doubt that this girl isn't the flyest chic out right now!! Stay tune to see who get Miss B.A.D next week.....

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Clay's Gay...

As if we didn't already know this Clay Akeins has officially came out of the closet. American Idol star has been hiding this secret for a while afraid that it would damage his career. Wait didn't he just have a baby boy guess he was a little confused at the time. Clays coming out has made big controversy and has been the head topic of entrainment news especially CNN they just won't stop talking about it. The big question is will it affect his career and my question is what career? he has a couple of fans and "clay mates" and a couple of "happy" people that support him. So Clay this will probably up your careers come on now you knew coming out the closet would bring much more attention to you. Just another celeb and their publicity stunts for ratings big deal....

BB Better...

The new BB just hit stores and is said to be better than before. With GPS and maps faster performance, Wi-Fi, file and editing, mobile streaming, video recorder, and a Brilliant display. Me personally love blackberry the smart, easy to use, high-technology approved and it gives you that I'm on a important phone call look,LOL

Funny S**t!!

See now even celebs like Diddy have sh**ty days..LOL

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Where's her daddy????

Not trying to lean on white chick to hard but fux it she is a mess!!! I remember when she first was on making the band I thought she was cute to be a bunny but lately hunnie has just been a mess. (1.)Her make up artists need to be fired A.S.A.P you face and neck should never be two different colors. (2.) Is it just me or does her weave look likes they used the cheapest brand they could find. (3). This cover does nothing for the body and this is the classy issue I am sure that was a joke. Diddy get you lady's in order while your out here looking like GQ himself your artist are looking like ex-girlfriend of kid rock!! Peep the head line in the pic "Danity Kanes **** star loves to **** raw" I rest my case.

Swagg Right!!!! (PartIV) Bad Boots!!!

With the seasons changing to the weakest season of all it time to switch up the foot wear swagg. I have be wanting to buy some bad boots but I'm really not ready to put away the sandals:( This year fashion has went to a whole new level creating open toe boots which makes your style even more breath taking.The boots give you a winter and fall look you can rock them out side or in the club which means these are defiantly my kind of boots. I have had my eye on some of them lately check out the pics above and tell me what you think. Boots are sold at Norstoms and Aldo...

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Today marks the 7th year after the horrific 9/11 incident that proclaim many lives and change our world forever. I see wounded soldiers every day at work and it is very disturbing to see them in the condition there in fighting for our country. Today me and my fellow co-workers here at Walter Reed Army Hospital took a clinic picture in memory of all the soldiers and civilians that were killed on 9/11 and for the soldiers that are fighting for our country.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fashion Week In NYC...

This week a couple of celebs hit up fashion week in NYC here a some pics..

The black and silver awards....

Was it just me or did majority of the celebs at the VMA's have on black and silver??

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dear Summer..Part II

A friend of mine recently came to me like they do always and wanted to talk about a couple of issues she was having in her "love life" she says that every time she meets some one she thinks she likes it ends up being just a waste of time.The relationship is either seasonal or something just isn't right. I told her I am no Dr. Phil but I kind can relate to what she experiencing. So this was my advice to her and feel free to ad on any advice you have.

Ok so first as young women and men we tend to jump ahead of things instead of analyzing the situation then move on the the next step. We meet that someone and if we are really feeling them we tend to be blinded to all the negative things about that person or even take the time to figure out the negative things. Some of us put on acts or fronts when we meet someone we try to make it seem like on top of our shit so the other person would think good of you. From the dinners, texting all day, calling every hour and the #1 one thing we always go wrong at; spending way to much time around a person will definitely blind you from things you should have found out in the beginning. To make along story short SLOW SOWN don't just meet some one and because he or she make you smile from ear to ear when their number pops up on your cell phone.You automatically think you have found a winner cause if he or she is fronting you will look like the looser in the end. Friendship is always a good beginning it gives you time to really get to know a person on a "homie" level that way you can determine if that person is what your looking for.

Seasonal relationships do exist people and trust me I am the one to talk about them. Its like a fad or a trend that goes out of style. Its winter your bored, cold and just want chill so you find someone that you are cool with you guys chill because your bored and you like each others company. Soon as the weather breaks and the flip flops and tanks tops come in its a whole different story. I mean who wants to sit in the house and be all up under someone when its 91 degrees out side. Hotness brings tension and temptation not necessarily for the opposite sex but from anything to clubs, trips, new whips, and just wanting to be free and enjoy the nice weather. No this doesn't apply to everyone because I myself have been in a relationship that lasted for multiple seasons and it is a tuff thing to do. To avoid this take one simple action REALNESS you know dam well you act a fool in the summer so why get involve in the middle of march. AVOID! be considerate of other feelings I am slowly learning that.

My advice to her was along the same lines minus the cursing and screaming. I ended the conversation by telling her to just chill its ok to be single shit I love it!!!!! Take a trip here pop of few bottles there and then through up the piece sign!! Life is short have as much fun as you want cause when that rings is on that finger those days will be over. You need to figure yourself out first because you could be the reason for your love failure.............L Kisses

Happy B-day B!!

Meron If your reading this your the only reason I put this up I mean I love B but I sure didn't remember her Birthday. Hope she enjoys it well I know she will.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Take me out to the ball game.Presedential Style!!!

Ok I have never been to a baseball game before or have I even watch a whole baseball game on TV so when my homie Mo hit me up and said she had some tickets to the NATS VS. PHILLIE game and I was like ok this should be fun and indeed it was. From free food to front row seats so close we both caught baseballs.LoL The presidential club was probably the best seat in the building and thanks to B.E.T we were able to enjoy the game boss style. Order anything you like and have brought right out to you I am not talking fries and burgers more like steak and talopia.LOL All in all we had fun it was something different and that is what I like to do. Here are some pics and highlights of the game...... Oh I forgot to mention the Nationals are some garbage they didn't score the whole game!