Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Springs Here.....

So yesterday my mind was going crazy about all the things I need to get ready for spring glasses. sandals, dresses, wedges, skirt and tank-tops and the list goes on. So here are some ideas on what accessories you will need to have a fashionable spring/summer, doesn't have to be exact price but you get the idea.....

1. Burberry T-Strap

2. Venna Rhinestone Necklaces

3. Toms Tiedye Slip-Ons4. Laurence Decade Lace Flat

5. Ilse Jacobsen Rain Boots (Come In Bright Colors Too)

6. Ash Woven Wedges

7. Marc By Marc Jacobs Lace-Up

8. See By Chloe Jelly

9. Dries Cuff

10. Louboutin Satin-Patent Brogues

11. Soukwear Beach Bag

12. Venna Necklace

13. Chanel Shopper

14. Tod's Neoprene Bag

15. Zigi Strappy Sandals

16. Miu Miu Metalics

17. Balmain Rhinetone-Stud Heel

18. F-Troupe Jelly

19. Epice Floral Scarves

20. Chloe Stripe Fabric Frame Bag

21. Marni Estate Canvas Bag

22. Michael Verheyden Animal Print Tote

23. Marc Jacobs Ethnic Tassel Bag

24. Tory Burch Bag

25. Startas Start Sneakers

26. Startas Star Sneakers

27. YMC Loafers

28. Tom Binns Necklace

29. J.Crew Dyed Sun Hat

30. Loeffler Randall Strappy Snake Heels

31. Philip Crangi Dirty Bangles

32. Keds-Plenty Sneakers

33. Tom Binns Flouro Bracelets For Layering

34. Gap White Platforms

35. Sigerson Morrison Jelly Wedge

Monday, March 23, 2009

Now these two are dating.......

So I'm sure everyone has been hearing the buzz about Christina Milian dating The Dream. It kills me how these celebs try to fake and front like they not hooking up knowing that the paparazzi is going to get you one way or another.LOL Its life date who you want to and big ups to Ms.Milian she sure know how to pull em. I'm not quite sure how long they have been dating but from the looks of the pic above home girls is all over.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New artist of the week...RAYE 6

An already familiar voice from tracks with Ghost Face Killah, Joe Budden, and M1 of Dead Prez, RAYE 6 (think Vanity, Apollonia...click?) has been making a huge stir in New York City with her to sexy cameos accompanied by Bubble Girls, rose petals and eyes glued onto and mesmerized by her amazing performance. Her impressive arsenal of skills and gifts (she produces, writes and sings most of her songs & she runs biz) are only matched by her stunning looks. This beautiful lady's got quite a life story to weave into sonic vibrations, and she will pour her heart into her music without ever holding back. "Raised by a single mother Raye 6 has taken a fun spin on female empowerment. Aware and vocal of the issues facing women Raye 6 inspires the ladies to take control of their existence. Influenced by anyone who has stepped outside of the norm to create their own reality, Raye 6 brings you into her world of uncensored expression, class, fantasy and indulgence. Leading an all male band during her sexually charged performances leaves audiences feeling turned on and free." She is unstoppable. Make sure to keep your eyes out for her debut album "SHE LOOKS LIKE FUN" coming out soon. Hot shit ya'll look out for her!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Holey Moley.....


A&F JEANS 79.00


A&E $49.00


I find these jeans so hot and they have always been a item in my closet. Holey jeans are what I'm talking about they seem to very popular this season. Funny thing is you can take some of you old jeans and just slice them up if your trying to save some doe!! My Fav are the Balmain collection which runs about 1,500 a jean if I had it I would rock it. Here are some affordable holey jeans!!