Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Whats poppin in the DMV!!!

Don't know what your going to do this weekend but the ladies and I will be at the hottest party poppin this weekend in D.C.Caron Butler's Celebrity Weekend Party @ H20. This party going to be so hot that I am going to stay in D.C this weekend just so I wont miss it so if your in town this weekend this will be the place to be!!!

Who rock it the best!!

I have to say everybody was looking their best at the BET awards last night, well maybe not everybody.Who do you think rock it the best???

Monday, June 23, 2008

Stature N Style

So one of my daily viewers has branch out and a started is own blog. Mark aka Get$; creator, editor, and writer of "STATURE N STYLE". So make sure you check it out see how he gives you the steps on being FLY..................Go boy!!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

A Million!!!!

Well I guess Mr.purp in his cup fans decided not to download but instead pay there 17.99 for his Cd. With only one week on the shelves Wezzy sold 1,005,545.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


I am sure you all have heard of the phone conversation between buck and 50 cent were buck expresses to 50 how he messed up and was confused about their beef. He also apologizes for riding against him in his songs and admits he was out of line for going against G-unit. Then towards the end of the conversation he starts to sound like he is crying saying "I was just confused".Buck did not know the whole time 50 was recording him and ready to put Buck on blast.

Supposedly Buck is saying that this conversation happen over a year ago.


Confused about what ok sounds like there are some emotional problems between these two I mean buck tho crying Mr.Ride wit-a G. Naw he had to be high or somthing cause for one like he already dont know 50 love embarraseing people and the whole time he clowning this man while he recording the whole converstion. I fuckz with buck but damn homie why you had to cry to gorilla face. Let it be its not the end of the road but you crying to another man it just bad.On the flip side 50 you are a sucker for exploiting your man like that. Yeah real men don't cry but real men also don't expose the menz either..... BITCHAZZNESS

Check out the link to hear the conversation:


My gurly Gabe hit me up and told me that I should try-out for the Wizard Cheerleaders and I thought to my self hey this might be fun. So to all you dancer that have what it take to to kick,smile,and shake at the same time should try it out. First I have to loose at least 5 pounds cause I seen those cheerleaders and they were pretty n shape. Wish me luck!!!!!!

Here is the link to check it out...............


Some Idiot made a pen and it was sold at the Texas Republican State Convention recently.
............ and they wonder why people say that Republicans are for the other color people!! This just prove that my homie Obama it so a head of those "lets-those-ni**ers" that they take time to make funny lil pins about him!!!


Now there are people in this world that do some nasty things but what your about to witness is beyond the most disgusting thing I have ever seen and heard. This piece of sh**t is on you tube bragging about how many females he has giving HIV to, he is even calling out names!!!! I highly suggest to take a look.

Remember to always RAP IT UP!!!

Check out the link below...........

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Simple Pleasure!!!

Always laugh when you can; it is a cheap medicine..............

Calling all models!!!!!!!

This Saturday D.C Fashion Icon J.Briggs is having a model call for his 2009 Ready-To -Wear Haute Couture Collection . If you have what it takes and you love looking fierce down the runway this is your call.Both female and males are welcome and of course ladies you need to bring those cranking heels to walk in. Also tattoo's are accepted.


June 21,2008

Prince Georges Sports and Learning Complex

8001 Sheriff Road Landover, MD 20785


2 modeling session

$10 Registration Fee

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Tupac!!!

Happy Birthday to the late Tupac the real best rapper ever he would have been 37 today.

Damn Shame!!

So I am sure you all know that on Friday R.Kelly was acquitted on all 14 counts of child pornography.BULLSH**T (sorry had to do that).

This is what happens when you have the money to cover up your crimes and pay your victim, everybody can see that is what happen and now the victim is engage to a record producer. If the the victim was the other color people ol' boy kellz would have been a goner. .......You dead wrong for this one kellz and the sad thing about is we all know it was him. How do you feel about this????

Sexy One Piece Suits!!

Here are some hot and sexy one piece bathing suits for you ladies that one look sexy and decent while your working on those abs!!!! These suits can be found at Victoria Secret.

Lets get it together!!!!

I was a lil skeptical about doing but I think its time for us women to stop being lazy and hit the gym. I attended a pool party in Philadelphia recently and from what I seen some women are really comfortable in a bikini looking like their 5 months pregnant.Now I understand if you don't care about how you look but you should. I always thought a women that was comfortable with her body has a great confidence in her self but looking like you just eat a basketball is just nasty!! Now my stomach is not the flattest but it looks pretty decent in a two piece.There are no excuses ladies why we all can not look decent in a two piece.
Take time out you day to do sit-ups you don't have to do many just do about 50 3 times a week of if you can do more than DO IT!!! Or you can try the Taboe Ab Work Out and trust me it works so try it!!

Friday, June 13, 2008


Last night the lady's and I attended Park night club were we had a chance to watch the game sip on drinks and party at the same time, nice combination.

So I guess my dream was wrong and hey what can I say the Lakers and the Celtics played a good game yesterday. With Boston down by 24 pt and taking the final win in the 4th quarter.Now there is still one more chance for my Lakers to win so all you Boston fans better not get too excited and start betting your Thank Dave and Ray for throwing such nice party's I truly enjoyed myself!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Purple or Green????

Game four is already here and it time for the b-ballers to but their A game and mean mug face to work. 2008 seems to be the biggest year of talk for the NBA finals and it has the whole world watching. I am going with those boys in purple and yellow just cause I love California and I'm a fan of Kobe. I have also had a dream about the finals and in my dream the Lakers won real talk!!

What are your prediction??????

Give a big hand clap to the Celtics for acknowledging that there were several reasons that cost them to loose in Game 3, blaming themselves due to injurys.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Staying on my grizzy!!


L: Can you tell us your name and where are you from?

Cardo:My name is Ricardo Young (Cardo). I'm from uptown Washington, DC

L:What sport do you play?

Cardo:I play Football, I am the Quater Back for H.D Woodson, best around ask about

L:When did you realize you wanted to play football?

Cardo:I realized I wanted to play football when I was around six years old. My family members inspired me to play and I just keep practicing and I became good.

L:How long have you been playing football and how old were you when you first started?

Cardo:I have been playing football for 11 years, I started at the age of six.

L: Who are your inspirations?

Cardo:My inspirations are my family. I want to make their life much better.

L:How important is style and swag to football?

Cardo:Style and swag is very important in football because if you don't have no swag then you lack the poise needed for the energy within the game itself. The opposing team will take you as a joke, and you don't want that.

L: Who is your favorite football team and player?

Cardo:My favorite football team is the Dallas Cowboys and my favorite player would have to be Peyton Manning because he have all the intangibles to go along with his position.

L: Explain to us how your staying on your grizzy to get to make it to the NFL?

Cardo:I'm just hitting the weight room hard to put on the weight and just doing the necessary things to make me the complete player. More of just studying film, breaking down defenses, and just getting alot of practice and reps. I mean if hard work can't get me their then I don't know what will.

L:What are you motivations and how passionate are you about your football career?

Cardo:What motivates me is the will and desire to win. I am more than passionate because this is my first love.

L: Last Question when you make it to the NFL who is going to be the first person you call?

Cardo:London lol. Honestly I don't know but I am just going to keep working so one day I can have the opportunity to see who that first person will be.

L: Yeah ok punk I better get a phone call!!!!

Thank for taking your time out and doing this interview you are the perfect example of a young man on his grind to be successful. And I see you already have your own action figure that some fly Sh*t!!!!!!I wish you the best of luck and watch out for those young lady's!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Daddy's Day


With father day approaching lady's here are some ideas for Father Day weather its for your father, hubby,or just a special father you want the gift to be nice. It can be a small as a hat or as big as a nice watch what ever you do make sure he enjoys it.Boys we know as women we sometimes can be unstable creatures and don't give you the credit you deserve if you deserve it .So lady's this father day do something extra special for that #1 dad and to all you fathers who don't deserve gifts may God bless you too!!


Favs rappers Lil Wayne and Plies drop there Album the Carter III and Definition of Real today and I wonder who is going to sell. Rumors are up in the air that the weezy fans are not really felling the Carter III and to be honest I'm not either I think weezy is so comfortable with his style he is starting to say anything.But on the under hand that new plies is hard he has calabos with Jamie Fox , Keyshia Cole, and So if you plan on getting these CDs please BUY them and not download them!!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Be SEXY Be Chic!!!

My homegirl Kia hit me up and ask me if I could advertise her and her lovely friends party that's poppin off on June 28, 2008 of course I will see I am all about supporting my black sisters I love to see WOMEN making moves and having a good time while doing it. So if your free on June 28 hit their party up I heard they are nice!!!! Big-ups to the Ladies of "Midnight Chic"cute name ladies!!!!
Party Info:
XII Restaurant & Lounge
1123 H Street N.E
Washington D.C 20002

Simple Pleasure

.......................Dedicate yourself to the call of your heart and see where it leads you.....L....Kisses

wHip DAt TriCk

There has been reports that “I slept with your man” Karrine Steffans and D-list boyfriend Eddie Winslow were in a serious altercation early yesterday morning. Supposedly , Super Head sent this text to Perez Hilton who ever that is and said:

“U have to help me. My boyfriend just tried to run over me with his car. [I] Just made a police report. In August, he placed me in a choke hold at a strip club on my birthday. There’s a report and photos of that. There was another choking I never reported but is now being investigated… He’ll kill me if I go on with this. YES…Eddie Winslow from Family Matters!”
Guessing that she is telling the truth right? Who know I mean she did get famous off lies so who knows.Well I hope she can get this situation in check hate to hear of the famous video vixen being choked to death by Eddie from family matters. Rumor has it that them "boys in blue" are looking into the allegations against Darius McCrary oh that's his real name.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Like damn I hate my city!!!

Every one that knows me know that I hate my city to other people D.C is poppin but to me its just too normal. I mean its ok if you want to be in the "Corporate World" but that not for me see I am a Millennium Girl which mean I am into different and exciting things like Para Gliding through the sky's of Norway or living in a Dubai for 6 months an as your reading this I am making my plan to exscape.LOL... I try to travel a lot but that just isn't enough. I receive a comment from a viewer telling me how she hates her town and she doesn't think she going to find a husband there. I agree with her when its time for me to put up my freakum dress and settle down trust me his area code will differently not be 202.Maybe I am wrong for this but hey it is what it is an anyway this blog is for me to express me and you to express you.L........Kisses

Am I wrong for hating my city and what do you do when you hate your town and plus there is a shortage on Men??????

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

SHoE GaME ProPer!!

Ladies we know we all love shoes some of us love shoes more then we love him.Lol So with the summer approaching and the toes looking good its time to get your shoe game in order weather you going to a poppin party, a hot date with the Mr. or your just kooling its with some fly kicks. Whats a fit with out some badazz shoes!!!!

Here are some of my favs from pricey to affordable you pick your choice..

In order from top to bottom:

Steve Madden Dessire Black Patent Wedge $149.00
Tori Burch Patti Logo Wedge $195.00
Steve Madden Quest Patent Wedge $79.00
Addias Mesh Joggerina $60.00
Nike Laser Court Force High $85.00
Nike Court Force High Premium$89.99
Burberry Check Tile Platform Sandals $650.00
Guiseppe Zanotti Buckled Pump $795.00
Aldo Kilis $100
Christian Dior Extreme Cutout Sandal $780.00
Black Gucci Flip Flops $315.00